Farming Research

farming research stronghold kingdoms

The farming research tree in Stronghold Kingdoms is the first one you should really concentrate on if you want to rank up fast. Having a lot of it researched means you not only make a lot of food which you can donate to parishes and sell, but also allows you to keep very high food and ale rations gaining you very high honour or allowing you to keep very high taxes all the time. I recommend researching nearly all of it before you move onto other researches. There are a couple of other researches you should do before starting on the farming research tree, like basic ones to increase your lumber and stone production as well as reduced building cost but overall at the start try to finish most of this tree as quickly as possible. Don’t go overboard placing food buildings, 3 or 4 of each type is the maximum you need and maybe about 8 brewery’s at the beginning although over time you can demolish a few.