Quests provide players with tasks they can choose to accomplish for rewards ranging from card packs and faith points to glory and gold. The quests at lower levels are quite easy to accomplish and provide you with small rewards like a few thousand resources, gold or faith points. However some of the later quests take a lot of time and effort to accomplish and can be a huge challenge. The rewards for these quests are huge though, gaining you tens of thousands or faith points among other things. Completing certain quest are the only way in the game to gain quest wheel tokens which you can use to spin the quest wheel and gain huge rewards also. Questing is also a way to ensure houses can win the glory race. Glory can be gained from a lot of the quests but the downside is a lot of the quests have a choice of rewards with glory on one side and other rewards like faith points on the other. Quest have allowed the glory race to move very quickly and completing a large amounts of quest quickly can mean the difference between a house winning and not.