Auto Features

The auto features happen every 2 to 4 hours when you are offline. They are quite good for replenishing resources and troops when you are offline and there is no doubt that in the long run they provide a great boost to yourself in the game.

Auto Trading

Auto trading is great for building up gold when you are offline. The only downside is that you can only trade one resource. This means you could for instance only trade bows, or only trade lumber or only trade one honour good such as venison. But that isn’t necessarily a big problem because what you can do is trade a different resource every time you are offline, which keeps the market price high and keeps a steady flow of gold coming in. if possible I recommend getting your weapon production very high and trading in rotation every night, bows, armour, pikes and swords. Weapons nearly always sell for a very high price. Auto trade also helps build honour. Because you can trade when you are offline it also means you could keep negative tax all the time gaining the maximum amount of honour all the time while having the gold to pay your population.

auto trading premium feature stronghold kingdoms

Auto Scouting

Auto scouting is also another great tool to build up large amounts of resources when you are offline. The downside to this is that it only scouts within your own parishes, but over a few days you will find that you build up a very large surplus of a variety of resources which can be used for banqueting or sold for gold.

auto scouting premium feature stronghold kingdoms

Auto Attacking

Auto attack allows you to select which AI opponents you would like to attack when you are offline. BE WARNED: This feature only uses whatever troops are not stationed in your castle to attack, so essentially to use this feature effectively you would need to keep very few or no troops in your castles when you are offline which is a very bad idea. At later stages in the game wolf lairs are very large and most AI castles are so big you need to attack them with 500 troop waves that need to be positioned properly before that battle meaning auto attack is pretty much useless. If you turn on auto attack when you have only 100 or 200 free troops in your villages you will find that you will auto attack large AI opponents and lose your troops either in the first wave if it’s a big opponent, or after a few different attacks because you troops number will go down after you auto attack a few targets. My advice, don’t use this feature.

auto attacking premium feature stronghold kingdoms

Auto Recruiting

Auto recruit is another feature that doesn’t benefit you as much as it should. The reason being it only recruits every 2 to 4 hours meaning that you need to have a huge idle population to make the most of it. So unless you have housing capacity research full and you have a big excess population you won’t actually recruit a while lot of troops when you are offline. If you do have them however and you use the feature, make sure you have a large amount of gold. Recruiting troops, catapults especially cost a lot of gold if you are recruiting over a large number of villages, and if you don’t have the required gold you will log back in to all your tax rates at 0 which can be a pain if you are running negative tax to build honour.

auto recruiting premium feature stronghold kingdoms