Tithe is the amount of tax you pay every day.

Each village in a parish pays a tithe to the parish capital every day and the parish steward sets the amount of tithe. This gold is used by the parish capital to build its village buildings, castle buildings and army. Each parish capital then also pays a tithe to the capital of that county and so on.

More players in a parish means a capital can build up gold quicker, but if you are the only one in a parish you can find it difficult to build up gold meaning to replace troops and so, your gold in the parish capital runs out very quickly.

Making Gold Fast in the Parish Capital

If you find for some reason you need to place a building quickly but don’t have enough gold, you could be under attack and need to get rid of the flags before someone takes them for instance there is a way to generate gold very quickly.

Every time you trade with the parish capital it receives a small percentage of the trade. Therefore if you keep trading nonstop for expensive resources you can build up a couple of thousand gold very quickly.

What you can do is just sell a very expensive resource and then buy it back, just keep doing this nonstop until you have the required number of gold.