Parish Steward


To vote in a new parish steward players within the parish vote. Votes build up if you don’t use them so you can keep them until needed. Each village receives 3 votes a day and so if a player has multiple villages in the same parish they will receive a lot of votes. The player with the most votes will become the parish steward and the only way to remove a steward is to vote them out or raise all their villages in the parish. Monks can be used to influence the elections in a parish and vote in a new steward but can lead to a voting war so ensure you have the required faith points to make sure you win.

Parish Steward Overview and Duties

The steward basically runs the parish capital, setting taxes, building new buildings in the parish capital to help the players within it, attacks AI opponents that spawn in the parish causing negative popularity using the parish army, and generally looks out of the players within a parish

A good parish steward should ensure the well fare and well being of the players in the parish and the parish itself. Good communication with the players within is key for things like co coordinating attacks on strong AI castles and also for informing the players how much tax they are paying, and why if the tax is high they are paying such a high tax.

The info section allows posts to the players in the parish and can be used as a means of communicating with everyone within it but also threads can be started by the steward to keep players informed.

The parish capital army can also be used to reinforce players in the parish if they come under attack.