Parish Flags

Parish capitals generate flags every 18 - 48 hours. Because of this choose wisely in what you build. First off you need to make some essential buildings like a fletcher guild and architects guild. The food guilds are not that essential especially the apple and meat guild because you will be able to buy so much of it cheaply at the market

Capturing Parish Flags

To steal parish flags your troops have to march inside the keep (and kill any enemy troops inside) at which point the battle ends and your troops will return from the village carrying a flag across the map

Flags can be stolen by villages in the parish from other parish capitals and if captured successfully by a player will be credited to the parish capital that village that the attack came from is in.

Once a parish capitals castle has been severely damaged and there is an easy route into the keep its simple to take all the flags from that parish. Cards cannot be used to speed up construction in a parish capital meaning that once the castle is broken it’s going to take a very long time to repair it.

What you can do is send large forces of pikemen with full research one after another to take all the flags in that parish capital. They can withstand heavy archer fire and unless the enemy has a lot of troops around the keep you should be able to march in fairly easily.

Inactive Flags

Inactive parishes can be a treasure chest of flags that will cost barley anything to take. Look out for parishes that are controlled by low rank players and that are not in houses or factions. Also look out for parishes where there are a large number of flags built up. Scout them first and see what the castle is like. If it’s not going to cost too much then go for it and try to steal them all

Saving Parish Flags

If it comes to a point where your parish castle has been too damaged to provide a good defence and you don’t have any gold to replace you troops and you have a good number of flags in your parish there is only two real methods to saving your flags.

Firstly you can spend the flags on buildings straight away before enemy attacks land and take them. If you find that you have no flags but every time you build up one the enemy attacks and takes it then spend that one flag placing a statue in your parish capital. At least this way you will gain something from the flag rather than letting the enemy take it.

Another method is to allow a friendly to attack and take the flags for their parish rather than let the enemy take them.