The map is subdivided into four levels of leadership with the king at the top over the Provence governors who in turn is over the county sheriffs who in turn are over the parish stewards.

Parish Capital

parish capital stronghold kingdoms
Rank Required Rank 6 (Villien)
Voters Parish Members
Title of Holder Parish Steward
Max Army Size 500
Requires Holding a village in the Parish

There are hundreds of different parishes on the map. Each of these gets to vote on the next higher capital leader, the county leader. Parish capitals can be acquired very early because they don’t require that high of a rank to get voted into.

When you attack AI castles and wolf lairs etc. from a parish capital, the honour is split evenly between all the villages in the parish you attack from.

County Capital

county capital stronghold kingdoms
Rank Required Rank 16 (Knight)
Voters Parish Stewards
Title of Holder County Sheriff
Max Army Size 600
Requires Holding a Parish in the county

Because county capitals require the steward to be voted in by the parishes under it, it can be hard to keep the county sheriff in place if there are multiple different factions and houses controlling the parishes underneath it.

Province Capital

province capital stronghold kingdoms
Rank Required Rank 18 (Viscount)
Voters County Sheriffs
Title of Holder Governor
Max Army Size 700
Requires Holding a Sheriff Position in the Provence

There are not a huge number of county capitals on the map meaning that it’s very important to ensure your faction or house controls as many as possible in order to make sure you can control the province capital. The army able to launch from the capital is quite large, 750 troops and the inside of the parish where you can build buildings is much larger than in regular capitals.

Country Capital

country capital stronghold kingdoms
Rank Required Rank 20 (Marquis)
Voters Governors
Title of Holder King / Queen
Max Army Size 900
Requires Holding a Governor spot in the country

There is only one country capital and the king of it is voted in by the province governors meaning that only a few people will determine the leader of the entire country in theory. Only the strongest of players should hold this position and the country capital allows a massive 900 troops to be launched from it. As is the same with the Provence capital the area inside the parish capital on which to build is much larger than that of regular capitals.