Resource Stashes

resource stashes stronghold kingdoms

The amount of honour gained from stashes depends on the amount of players in the parish the bag is in and your rank. For instance a parish with a very low number of players, let’s say only 3, may only gain you 280 honour for taking it while taking a bag in a parish with a lot of players can get you 520 honour

This also applies to the amount of resources in the stash once uncovered. Smaller stashes can contain 2,400 resources/240 honour goods or larger ones can contain 4,800 resources/480 honour goods.

Resource stashes should be foraged as much as possible at the very start of the game and you should try to reach them first before other players. You can rank up very quickly if you spend a few hours keeping an eye on the map and sending to the stashes as soon as they appear.

Later in the game you can still acquire a large number of honour and resources from the stashes when you send at them from multiple villages.

Honour Range / Circle

honour range stronghold kingdoms

When you select a resource stash on the map your honour circle for your village appears. To gain honour from a stash it must be inside your honour circle and you must be the first person to reach it. There are a few achievements you can get from uncovering stashes and foraging so try to get as many as you can.

Scouting Cards

Using the following cards at the same time will give you a serious foraging capacity. Thoroughbreds increases your scout speed by 4 times meaning you can get stashes very quickly even if they are relatively far away.

Expert Scavenging increases your scout capacity by 3 times meaning you can clear out stashes with very few scouts if you have research full.

Advanced Outriders increases your honour range by 50% meaning if you go for stashes far away you can get honour for them provided they are inside your honour circle.

thoroughbreds card stronghold kingdoms expert scavenging card stronghold kingdoms advanced outriders card stronghold kingdoms