Banqueting provides a way of levelling up through the ranks extremely fast and should be researched straight away every time it is unlocked by ranking up. Every time you unlock a new level of banqueting the multiplier for holding banquets increases significantly up until the final level which allows a multiplier of 160. The higher the level of banquet, the more honour goods that is required. These goods can be bought, made or scouted from the map. Banqueting provides an easy means of levelling up through the early ranks very quickly. It doesn’t actually take that much honour to get up the ranks very quickly compared to when you reach the higher ranks like Duke and Prince. Your biggest problem is getting the goods so you can banquet nonstop. It takes foraging nonstop, making the goods or making a decent amount of gold that you can keep buying them constantly. You can use a combination of the three methods to maximise how much honour you can gain from banqueting. Another problem you can run into when banqueting is that if you are buying the goods nonstop you can find very quickly that you have bought all the honour goods around you and travelling a long distance with transporters takes time. So try to forage everything you can before everyone else does. Also buy everything you can before anyone else gets a chance.