The Second Age

the second age stronghold kingdoms

The second age changes many of the game rules, in my opinion leaning it toward a more battle intensive world. Interdiction and excommunication cost a lot more faith points meaning to protect you and to stop others protecting themselves will cost a lot more. It would be a great idea for players to build up as many faith points as possible before the start of the second age.

New Rules

Armies move across the map at double speed.

Three times as much glory gained for holding territory.

Monks can influence voting at a county level, albeit with high voting costs and caps at county, province and country level.

Interdicting and excommunicating villages costs twice the usual amount.

At the end of the Second Age Glory Race the world will close to new players

Players from the winning house in the glory race will be given unique treasures for their victory and a “Champion Pack”

All players will be removed from their factions and all factions with be removed from their houses.

All houses will be brought back into the Glory Race

Any remaining house stars will be removed from the house that won the first glory race

The maximum number of factions per house will be increased to 20

All players in official positions from Steward to King will be removed from office

All Parish buildings will be removed

All Parish building upgrade levels will be reset to zero

All Parish building donations will be cleared

All market goods will be removed, essentially resetting all good prices to the maximum

When a parish building is deleted in the second age, the parish will not retain the bonus from that building

All Parish forums will be cleared.