Gaining Glory

There are only two ways to gain glory in stronghold kingdoms. Firstly there is the quick way and that is through questing. The quests provide an easy way to gain glory in the short term. The second way is through control of territory and positions which are harder to hold but in the long run provide a steady flow of glory.


With the introduction of quest into stronghold kingdoms, it’s quite easy for even a lone player to gain thousands of glory in a few hours. However once the quest are done the glory cannot be gained again. They are a quick way to gain glory and can swing the race at the very last minute. My advice is to always pick the glory reward over things like resources and gold. If the reward is a large amount of faith points however then don’t pick the glory. But overall try to get the glory as much as possible because you don’t get another chance really to gain it so easily.

Holding Territory and Positions

The most effective way to gain glory is to control territory. Holding positions like king and governor provide the biggest amount of glory per day but to effectively win the glory race a house needs to control a large amount of parishes as well, as although they don’t provide as much glory as higher positions there are a lot more parishes in the world.

Position Points per day (First age) Points per day (Second age)
Parish Steward 4 12
County Sheriff 200 600
Provence Governor 750 2250
County King 1400 4200