The glory race in stronghold kingdoms pits each of the houses against each other in a fight until only one remains, at which point the second age starts and the glory race restarts with new rules. There are a couple of different ways to gain glory and usually the race is a fight between just a few strong houses. You will find that towards the end of glory rounds it’s usually neck and neck between a couple of houses up until the very last hour of the race. With the second age a new feature it will be interesting to see how the battle dynamic changes.

The glory race is split into rounds

A house that wins a round gains a glory star

The first house to reach 1 million glory wins the glory round, although it does not finish straight away, but runs until the end of the day (6:00 or 7:00 server time). Any extra glory the house has at the end of the round is not kept for the next round.

The two houses with the least amount of glory at the end of a round are eliminated.

Once only 6 houses remain only one house is eliminated at the end of each round.

If a house has glory stars but finishes last in a round they lose a star