Deluxe Bundle

stronghold kingdoms deluxe bundle from get games
random card packs stronghold kingdoms 15 Random Packs of cards

Random card packs are probably the best to buy or get because the cards you receive are from the entire card range in Stronghold Kingdoms meaning you can get army cards, food cards or if you’re lucky some chivalry cards to really boost your honour.

exclusive card packs stronghold kingdoms 2 Exclusive card packs

The exclusive cards are unique to this offer and are not available in the game at this time. They are as follows:

exclusive stronghold kingdoms cards from get games
research card packs stronghold kingdoms 2 Research card packs

These are the packs you really want. You can’t buy these card packs in game at all and I don’t think you can win these cards either from your daily cards or from buying random card packs. These packs contain research points and the brilliant Eureka card which instantly finishes all your queued research.

card points stronghold kingdoms 200 card Points

200 card points is a nice number to have. You can spend them building your castle quickly or increasing your food or resource production to name a few things.

premium tokens stronghold kingdoms Four 7 day premium tokens

If you’re going to spend on Stronghold kingdoms you will nearly always want to have premium tokens in play because you can move your stockpile in village and queue buildings and research. As you receive a month’s worth here it’s quite a good part of the bundle.

A copy of Stronghold HD