Daily Cards

It’s worth buying at least two packages so you can claim the 14 free cards a week. You can spend just a couple of Euros or dollars on two packs and use these cards or trade them in for card points.

Because the cards are random and there are so many different ones the chances are you will receive a lot of cards that don’t provide much of a bonus but..... Sometimes you can get VERY lucky. I’m still shocked myself but i manage to get the advanced research card (finish 2 researches instantly) three times out of 4 cards meaning I was able to finish 6 researches instantly. I got the card once then after that I received a pitch haul card then the next day i got it twice one after another. So this is a good example of why receiving the free cards can be very beneficial.

If you are receiving a card from a quest don’t pick it up immediately. When you do the clock to the next card will reset, so if you are close to getting another card from the clock, wait until the clock counts down and then pick up this card first and the quest card afterwards.

Level Requirement Cards Per Week Time Between Cards
1 None 1 7 days
2 get to rank of Yokel (Level 3) 2 3 days 12 hours
3 get to rank of Villein (Level 6) 3 2 days 8 hours
4 First purchase of crowns 4 1 day 18 hours
5 Get to rank of Commoner (Level 9) 5 1 day 9 hours 40 minutes
6 Donate resources to parish capital 6 1 day 4 hours
7 Get to rank of Yeoman (Level 11) 7 24 hours
8 Create or join a faction 8 21 hours
9 Second purchase of crowns 10 16 hours 48 minutes
10 Get to the rank of Squire (Level 15) 14 12 hours