Peasants are what live in your village and every production building requires one peasant to function. Not having enough peasants means that some buildings will not be producing anything, so it’s a balance between keeping your population as high as possible while also using your population to train troops.

Having a high population means they will eat a lot more food which means you will have to either buy or produce more, but the advantage of a big population means a higher tax rate. You can have a very low population and run 4 x food rations all the time or have a high population and run a lower rate of rations. In essence you will be trading off honour making for gold making.

Positive Popularity

Having positive popularity will make villagers arrive in your village every few minutes or hours. The table below lists how quickly villagers arrive with the required popularity.

150 Popularity x 5 Villagers around every 10 minutes
120 Popularity x 4 Villagers around every 10 minutes
100 Popularity x 3 Villagers around every 10 minutes
90 Popularity x 2 Villagers around every 10 minutes
Below 90 Popularity x 1 Villager around every 10 minutes

Negative Popularity

A well designed and built village will allow you to gain huge amounts of gold and honour every day. Having high tax will get you a lot of gold but too but high tax can make villagers leave every few minutes. The speed at which they leave is determined by how high your negative popularity is. For example having about - 40 popularity will make a villager leave around every 25 minutes while having only - 5 population will make a villager leave around every 4 hours.