Best Village Layouts

Lowland Village Layout

The lowland village type is probably the best choice in the game and my advice is to have every single one of your villages this type. The main advantage is being able to produce 5 types of food meaning you can run high rations all the time to gain honour or gold. It also provides you with a large area to build on. There is just the right amount of stone, lumber and iron in this type too to have a high production of weapons and resources. Placing your stockpile here is really up to yourself. There are many good areas that will benefit you in different ways. Here I have focused more toward lumber production and stone because I have a lot of fletcher’s and pole turners.

best lowland village layout stronghold kingdoms

Mountain Peak Village Layout

A well thought out layout for a mountain peak village can mean an absolutely staggering amount of production each day. Although a very large rock covers the top left of the screen there is still a lot of room to place buildings and the sheer amount of iron on the screen means you can have the maximum number of iron mines while still having a large area left to place metal ware workshops. My layout here is pretty jammed with the max number of buildings you can place. This was one of the first village types I built and didn’t place any food buildings at all. For a very long time they were not needed because of the fact that I could sell huge amounts of iron every day and buy any amount of goods I needed. To make the most of this type of village you need to have a lot of traders, at least 30. The reason is that you build up iron so quickly that you need to sell it constantly if you don’t want your stockpile to reach maximum. It’s quite easy to make a few hundred thousand gold each day with multiple iron villages although it is a bit of extra work trading all the iron then buying food for rations.

best mountain peak village layout stronghold kingdoms