Wolf Castle Layout 5

Enemy Troops

Peasants 21
Pikemen 27
Swordsmen 10
Archers 332
Tunnel Location Top Left
Sally Forth Yes

wolf castle layout 5 stronghold kingdoms

Defeating this Wolf Castle

Wave 1

Pikemen 170
Archers 275
Catapults 50

This wolf castle is pretty easy to take in one wave, however your losses can vary greatly every time you take it. You can actually bypass all the archers in this castle and just kill the peasants, pikemen, and swordsmen to effectively reach the keep. The best strategy to take down the castle is this; attack from the side with the gatehouse so your troops can march along the already built pathway. Although it is lines with traps you pikemen will survive long enough to reach the keep if you have enough of them. Use you catapults to target the two towers at the end of the pathway and once they are destroyed you have a large opening into the keep that your pikemen can march through. One of the most annoying things about this castle is the sally forth. It presents big problems. If your pikemen march too far ahead of your archers, the pikemen alone will have to take out the sally forth. Knights have decent hit points and far higher attack than pikemen meaning your pikes can get stuck battling the sally forth for quite a while which means a lot of them can die. The ballista in this castle will always take out a lot of your catapults in the attack.

wolf castle layout 5 wave 1 stronghold kingdoms


The honour reward for this castle make the attack worthwhile but the fact that you will always lose some catapults make it costly. You pretty much have to use catapults to take this castle. Using only pikemen and archers is a really bad strategy and can take you a lot of waves to take it down.

Honour - 234,900

wolf castle layout 5 wave 1 result stronghold kingdoms