Wolf Castle Layout 4

Enemy Troops

Peasants ?
Pikemen ?
Swordsmen ?
Archers ?
Tunnel Location Bottom Right
Sally Forth Yes

wolf castle layout 4 stronghold kingdoms

Defeating this Wolf Castle

Wave 1

Pikemen 40
Archers 460

If done correctly, this wave can net you probably the biggest amount of honour from any hit on a wolf castle. This 4 sided attack is meant to clear nearly all the archers on the outside walls as well as most of the groups of pikemen and swordsmen. Firstly make sure to place a group of 25 archers on the bottom right directly over the tunnel to kill all the peasants as they emerge. Also place a group of 20 pikemen on both gatehouses to stop the sally forth from hitting your archers. Place 2 rows of archers nearly the whole way around the outside. The only part you don’t need to place the rows are near the ballista on the top left because there isn’t a huge amount of troops there. Once you have placed your 2 rows of archers around the outside you should have a few archers left over. Place these evenly between the 4 sides to bulk up the rows of archers to 3 rows thick in some places. And that’s this wave, let the slaughter commence…

wolf castle layout 4 wave 1 stronghold kingdoms


The fact that you don’t get a report after gaining nearly 270,000 honour from this first wave shows how many enemy troops there are in this castle. My guess is over 300 or 400. Your success here can be measured by the honour you gain. If you have sent the 460 archers and 40 pike wave you want at least 250,000 honour from the hit.

Honour - 268,920

wolf castle layout 4 wave 1 result stronghold kingdoms

Wave 2

Pikemen 140
Archers 300
Catapults 60

As you can see here the first wave killed pretty much everything around the outside. There are some small groups of swordsmen and pikemen left but nothing major. All you need to do to capture this castle now is this: the only thing blocking your pikemen from reaching the keep here is the small line of swordsmen that line the entranceway to the keep. What you need to do is demolish a large portion of the bottom left of the castle so your main force can get close to the towers on the inside. When you get close to the towers your archers can distract the archers on the towers long enough for your troops to kill those swordsmen in your way and allow your pikemen a clear run into the keep. There are a few other things you can do to help yourself. As with the first wave place 25 archers over the tunnel to kill all the peasants that emerge. Also place about 7 catapults on the top left and make them target the furthest ballista from them so they fire through all the ballista destroying all of them. You can also place a small group of archers on the top left and top right to kill the pikemen there and distract the archers on them sides.

wolf castle layout 4 wave 2 stronghold kingdoms


As you can see the attacks is quite costly but for nearly 500,000 honour between the two waves its well worth it. You can just do the first wave on this castle yourself losing only archers and pikemen and gain the bulk of the honour, while getting someone else to finish it off, or even finishing it off from a parish capital.

Honour - 217,890

wolf castle layout 4 wave 2 result stronghold kingdoms

Honour (2 waves) - 486,810