Wolf Castle Layout 3

Enemy Troops

Peasants 30
Pikemen 64
Swordsmen 34
Archers 40
Tunnel Location Bottom Left
Sally Forth Yes

wolf castle layout 3 stronghold kingdoms

Defeating this Wolf Castle

Wave 1

Pikemen 160
Archers 299
Catapults 40

This wolf castle can be one of the more problematic ones to take down in one wave. The main reason is that if you attack from the bottom left you risk the peasants from the tunnel destroying all your catapults before they do enough damage, while if you attack from the top left or bottom right, when your pikemen reach the keep they will get stuck in front of the entrance to the keep for some reason, it seems to be a glitch. It’s pretty easy to kill all the defending troops here very quickly. The main problems are the turrets and the entranceways here which are lines with killing pits. A four sided attack will kill everything quickly, and make sure to place your catapults very close together lined up with the turrets on one side so when they fire they will take down the two turrets on the bottom left as well as the walls lining this entranceway. Oil pots will cause a lot of damage here and there’s no easy way to trigger them before you main force arrives inside the entranceway so you will just have to allow your pikemen to soak up the damage.

wolf castle layout 3 wave 1 stronghold kingdoms


As you can see I barley took down the castle, the main reason losses were so high is because of the glitch I spoke of. My pikemen got stuck outside the keep for about 30 seconds here allowing the keep to mow a lot of them down. But the amount of honour gained definitely makes it worth it. Also the fact that just under half my catapults survived make this a good attack in terms of risk against reward.

Honour - 240,570

wolf castle layout 3 wave 1 result stronghold kingdoms