Wolf Castle Layout 2

Enemy Troops

Peasants -
Pikemen 12
Swordsmen 10
Archers 36
Tunnel Location None
Sally Forth Yes

wolf castle layout 2 stronghold kingdoms

Defeating this Wolf Castle

Wave 1

Pikemen 160
Archers 300
Catapults 40

This castle is another relatively straightforward one to defeat. Although there are a lot of oil pots around the outside you can trigger them early one with a few troops to make them miss your valuable troops. The main basis behind the wave to defeat it is to concentrate your archers on the sides with the towers and attack it from the front side with your pikemen. First off make sure you position your catapults just enough away from the towers so they don’t get hit. If you put them at just the right distance you can destroy all the stone walls and gatehouse leading up to the keep meaning you have a clear run into the keep. Make sure to trigger all the oil pots around the castle. As you can see I have used 5 pikemen to trigger each set of pots before the other troops reach them. You need a few archers close to your pikemen on the bottom left to kill the sally forth that emerges and make sure there are no big gaps in your troop lines or otherwise sometimes the sally forth can run straight to your catapults.

wolf castle layout 2 wave 1 stronghold kingdoms


This is another castle that pops up quite a bit in parishes that can be taken down relatively easy with relatively small losses.

Honour - 87,750

wolf castle layout 2 wave 1 result stronghold kingdoms