Wolf Castle Layout 1

Enemy Troops

Peasants -
Pikemen 13
Swordsmen 9
Archers 49
Tunnel Location None
Sally Forth No

wolf castle layout 1 stronghold kingdoms

Defeating this Wolf Castle

Wave 1

Pikemen 160
Archers 300
Catapults 40

Taking down this castle consists of a single wave concentrating your archers on the three sides with the archer towers. Usually it’s not a good idea to attack a castle from the opposite side to the entrance of the keep but in this case it seems the better option because you can use your catapults to break down the walls around the keep and stay out of the range of the archer towers.

The oil pots here will usually inflict a bit of damage on your troops so it’s important that your pikemen hit them first to ensure they soak up the damage and not your archers.

What happens here is once your archers kill all the archers defending on the towers they will move into the middle killing all the defending pikemen and swordsmen allowing your pikemen to march inside the keep easily. The number of catapults in the wave doesn’t really matter that much just make sure you target them to take down the walls around the keep on the top left and bottom right so your pikemen don’t get stuck.

wolf castle layout 1 wave 1 stronghold kingdoms


The honour gained for defeating this castle is a good number and its probably one of the ones that pops up within parishes very often meaning you can take down quite a lot of these in a day gaining a lot of honour and losing not that many troops.

Honour - 102,870

wolf castle layout 1 wave 1 result stronghold kingdoms