scouts unit stronghold kingdoms
Unit Space unit space stronghold kingdoms1
Gold Cost gold stronghold kingdoms100
Max number of unit 8

Scouts have 2 main purposes, scouting players/AI castles, and uncovering resource stashes.

At the very start of the game these are the most important units to have. Make sure you research horsemanship (scout speed), scouts (number of scouts) and foraging (scout capacity) as quickly as possible. Using scouts to uncover resource stashes will gain you massive amounts of honour and put you up through the first few levels within a few minutes of the game. As you progress further into the game the amount of food received from resource stashes pales in comparison to what you can make in your villages but it is still good to forage as much stuff as possible because it all adds up.

When you try to scout castles, whether you get a report or not is really dependent on how well built the castle is you are trying to scout. For instance built up pig castles may cost you 5 out of the 8 scouts you send to get a report, as in you send 8 and only 3 survive.

You will never lose all your scouts on AI castles, apart from 1 type of wolf castle, but you will lose them all if a player has 400 or more troops in their castle.


traders unit stronghold kingdoms
Unit Space unit space stronghold kingdoms10
Gold Cost gold stronghold kingdoms10
Max number of unit 50 ( 5 per market )

Note: The number of traders you can have is dependent on both your number of markets you have, and the number of traders you are allowed to have for each market. So researching traders is key to buying and selling constantly to make gold

Traders are so cheap to make you can dump them to make room for other troops very easily. Take for instance if you have 20 traders. That will take up 200 of your 500 max army size. They can easily be dumped to allow you to train an extra 200 troops if you are attacking something large. Once the battle is over if you need to you can just retrain the 20 traders again at a small cost of just 200 gold.


monks unit stronghold kingdoms
Unit Space unit space stronghold kingdoms25
Gold Cost

gold stronghold kingdoms150 for first

gold stronghold kingdoms120 for second

gold stronghold kingdoms100 for third

gold stronghold kingdoms85 for forth

gold stronghold kingdoms70 for fifth

gold stronghold kingdoms60 for sixth

gold stronghold kingdoms50 for seventh

gold stronghold kingdoms40 for eight

Max number of unit 8

Monks are a one use unit and disappear once used; they can also not be recalled

Monks are the most versatile unit in the whole game. While not directly capable of attacking in battles, they have abilities which can influence and sway situations in your favour. Monks are unlocked through Theology, with new abilities being unlocked the higher you go up in levels.

The Theology part of the education research tree is huge and you must choose wisely in what abilities you want to concentrate on. Each benefits different situation, but you must also look at researching monk speed because they move so slowly at the start and also look at researching monk numbers.

Every monk action takes faith points which you gain from having churches in your city and in the parish capital so remember to use them wisely.

Monk Abilities

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