Archer Targeting

Archers will always stop and target enemy troops within their range no matter what the troop type. They follow a hierarchy targeting certain units before others when they are faced with multiple different unit types. If a unit with a higher priority comes into range while they are attacking a lower priority unit they will switch and fire on the higher priority unit.

This table shows the priority arches will target enemy troops in. This is a very important aspect of the battle mechanics to know as if you break down an enemy’s castle you can capture, raze, and pillage etc. while distracting enemy archers. It’s also important for you to know exactly how the battle is going to play out so you can send the exact number of troops for minimum losses.

Priority Enemy Unit
Highest Priority Sally Forth
Lowest Priority Pikemen

A basic example of using this effectively is this... if you have made a large hole into the keep in the enemy castle you can simply send a large force of pikemen with a small group of archers. The small group of arches will draw fire away from your pikemen completely until the archers are killed giving your pikemen time to march into the keep. When you are attacking enemy castles to clear towers of archers, always take into account the sally forth. It will distract your arches for a while forcing them to target it until it is killed meaning you will not be firing on the enemy archer towers in this time so always send extra troops if you feel you won’t clear the towers and the sally forth together.