Snake Castle Layout 2

Enemy Troops

Peasants 154
Pikemen -
Swordsmen -
Archers 104
Tunnel Location None
Sally Forth No

snake castle layout 2 stronghold kingdoms

Defeating this Snake Castle

Wave 1

Pikemen 60
Archers 400
Catapults 40

This is the hardest of all the snake castles but it is pretty simple to take down with small losses. A couple of things to remember are firstly place 10 pikemen on the bottom left and the top right in front of the towers. There is a fairly large force of peasants inside the castle that will march out when the battle starts. If you don’t have the pikemen there to block them, they can kill quite a few of your archers. Also use your catapults to target the towers on the same side as your catapults. There are 3 towers facing the bottom right, target the one in the middle with half your catapults and the one on the bottom left of it with the other half, to give you clear access into the keep.

snake castle layout 2 wave 1 stronghold kingdoms


As you can see the losses her are only 90 archers and 13 pikemen which makes this one of the best castles in the game to hit in terms of losses versus honour gained. You can take down dozens of these in a day if you have enough troops in your vassals.

Honour - 75,000

snake castle layout 2 wave 1 result stronghold kingdoms