Snake Castle Layout 1

Enemy Troops

Peasants -
Pikemen 46
Swordsmen -
Archers 82
Tunnel Location None
Sally Forth No

snake castle layout 1 stronghold kingdoms

Defeating this Snake Castle

Wave 1

Pikemen 100
Archers 300
Catapults 30

This is the easiest variation of the snake’s castles. It’s pretty easy to take down with a four sided attack. Although it has a unique wall variation it is quite weak in places. You should concentrate your archers on the sides with the most archers to take them down quickly and fire on the pikemen inside the castle. The most important thing to remember about this wave is to place pikemen on the bottom left side. The reason being that a large force of pikemen will exit the castle and attack your troops on this side when the battle starts. If you only have archers here they will sustain heavy losses although if you delay them with pikemen of your own you will kill them pretty quickly. The point of entry into the keep in this attack is the bottom right side using catapults to break down the whole right side. There’s not much risk to your catapults here if you place them right as they are out of range of most of the enemy troops.

snake castle layout 1 wave 1 stronghold kingdoms


As you can see losses are pretty small here. The only thing that really costs you troops is the keep firing on you in the time it takes to knock down the walls. In terms of losses snake castles don’t present as much honour as wolf castles for what you lose and I would advise you to take down the small wolf castles over these snakes castles if you have to choose.

Honour - 39,360

snake castle layout 1 wave 1 result stronghold kingdoms