Rat Castle Layout 1

Enemy Troops

Peasants 132
Pikemen -
Swordsmen -
Archers 51
Tunnel Location None
Sally Forth No

rat castle layout 1 stronghold kingdoms

Defeating this Rat Castle

Wave 1

Pikemen 11
Archers 323

Rat castles are pretty easy to defeat. A relatively small wave of archers can take them down. Because of the wooden walls surrounding the keep you troops can break through very easily and very quickly. This castle can be taken down with very few losses with as little as 200 archers. Just attack it from 4 sides so your troops kill all the defending archers very quickly. Don’t bother using catapults with these castles as you will just end up damaging your own troops. The only real thing to watch out for here is the group of peasants in the top left. They can inflict some damage if you only send archers as they can reach your archers quickly before they are all killed. Just pace a few pikemen in front of them to hold them back while your archers fire on them.

rat castle layout 1 wave 1 stronghold kingdoms


As you can see the castle has been taken down with very small losses. The honour gained for these castles are quite low but you have to take down a few of them for quests and in the first few days and weeks of the game they can provide a valuable boost to your honour at low ranks.

Honour - 28,050

rat castle layout 1 wave 1 result stronghold kingdoms