Pig Castle Layout 3

Enemy Troops

Peasants -
Pikemen -
Swordsmen 86
Archers 210
Tunnel Location None
Sally Forth Yes

pig castle layout 3 stronghold kingdoms

Defeating this Pig Castle

Wave 1

Pikemen 60
Archers 400
Catapults 39

Although it is possible to take this pig’s castle in one wave, it can be hit and miss. The reason this castle can be a bit of a problem is the fact there is no easy way into the keep without digging up a large portion of the moat and also the turrets here can cause very big losses. There is a decent amount of troops also defending which can cause problems. The first wave here will pretty much cripple the castle defences and almost of the defending archers. Attack each tower with a 4 layer wide block of archers. Also place a single line of archers completely around the rest of the outside area. Your archers here will kill all the archers in the towers and all the archers around the outside. Also place 4 catapults to target each of the turrets around the outside and a larger force of about 20 catapults to break down the gatehouse and destroy the 2 turrets at the entranceway. About 60 pikemen here will dig up enough of the moat to make very little for the next wave to do.

pig castle layout 3 wave 1 stronghold kingdoms


As you can see from the result here and the shot of the castle below, everything the first wave was supposed to accomplish has come to pass. All the turrets are gone as well as the archers surrounding the castle, also a good bit of the moat has been dug up at the entranceway, meaning the next wave will have to deal with very little resistance on its way into the keep.

Honour - 118,200

pig castle layout 3 wave 1 result stronghold kingdoms

Wave 2

Pikemen 70
Archers 398
Catapults 30

The second wave here has a few catapults in it to destroy the other gatehouse surrounding the keep. I sent a very large wave here but you could get away with sending a lot less troops. There’s very little enemy forces left here and once another section of the moat has been dug up at the entranceway your troops will pour in killing all remaining enemy troops.

pig castle layout 3 wave 2 stronghold kingdoms


The losses in this wave are pretty much the result of waiting for the pikemen to dig a bigger gap in the moat but overall the losses in this wave are quite small. Although taking this castle in two waves means you lose the first one, I think it’s a necessary sacrifice for a guaranteed two wave break of this pig’s castle. Trying to take it in one wave, many things can go wrong with troops getting stuck behind each other and such, and also if you want to take it in one wave you have to use all your forces on one side meaning if it does go wrong, it will go badly wrong causing minor damage to the castle.

Honour - 82,800

pig castle layout 3 wave 2 result stronghold kingdoms

Honour (2 waves) - 201,000