Pig Castle Layout 2

Enemy Troops

Peasants -
Pikemen -
Swordsmen 33
Archers 48
Tunnel Location None
Sally Forth No

pig castle layout 2 stronghold kingdoms

Defeating this Pig Castle

Wave 1

Pikemen 110
Archers 300
Catapults 15

A four sided attack will completely decimate this pig castle very easily because of the low number of troops in it. Your only problem is getting into the keep before losing too many troops. If you want really low losses you have to use at least 10 catapults in your wave otherwise if you are using swordsmen or pikemen to break down the walls you will lose a few because of the keep firing on you. Just attack from the side where the gatehouse is and target your catapults to knock down the gatehouse and the wall behind it leading into the keep. Because of the low number of enemy archers here and the speed at which you will kill them your catapults won’t take much fire even if you place them very close to the white line. Also make sure to position some pikemen to block the swordsmen from attacking your archers at the start of the battle.

pig castle layout 2 wave 1 stronghold kingdoms


As you can see losses are pretty low on this castle. To really minimise your troop losses include more catapults so you knock down the walls quicker. Whatever you do, do not try to take down this castle with archers only otherwise you will lose the whole wave probably. Even the low level keep here can kill all your archers fairly quickly while they are trying to knock down the walls.

Honour - 63,750

pig castle layout 2 wave 1 result stronghold kingdoms