Pig Castle Layout 1

Enemy Troops

Peasants -
Pikemen -
Swordsmen 157
Archers 244
Tunnel Location None
Sally Forth Yes

pig castle layout 1 stronghold kingdoms

Defeating this Pig Castle

Wave 1

Pikemen 39
Archers 375

This is one of the more problematic Pig Castles and usually requires two or more waves depending on how large an army you can send. You want to be attacking it with at least 400 troops in each wave. Anything less than that and you won’t cause enough damage. There are a large number of archers in this castle which can cause you big problems. The easiest way I have found to take it out is to use the gateway in as your point of attack after clearing the towers around it. You can then send catapults in your second wave to break a large hole into the keep. I have seen many people take this castle in a few waves by digging up the moat on the bottom left side and making a path to the keep, but you are never guaranteed success when you have troops digging because they can end up completely stuck behind each other. Don’t attempt to take this castle unless you have very high archer research. This wave is all about taking out the archers around the entranceway. By doing this the next wave with catapults in it can fire effectively and knock down the gatehouse, towers and walls on this side while taking minimal fire if none at all. You need very thick layers of archers here to take out all the archers in the towers. Any less than 300 in this wave and you will not all the ones you need to. Very important also is to place about 20 to 30 pikemen at the entrance to block the sally forth from hitting you archers. Also use a few single pikemen to trigger all the oil pots around the castle.

pig castle layout 1 wave 1 stronghold kingdoms


This wave killed 124 archers and 58 swordsmen and gives you the exact space you need for your next wave. I only sent 425 troops altogether in this wave but you can send another 75 archers in this wave to kill more and make fewer losses for yourself in the next wave.

Honour - 97,064

pig castle layout 1 wave 1 result stronghold kingdoms

Wave 2

Pikemen 130
Archers 330
Catapults 40

This is a straightforward attack to push into the keep. Here you can just place your catapults without targeting them. They will demolish the whole front of the castle anyway if you place them correctly. You also don’t have to place any archers at the bottom right side of the castle because the AI archers here won’t really hit your troops. You need at least a few archers behind your pikemen to kill the sally forth on the gatehouse side. Just don’t place too many archers on the top left side because they will get stuck behind your pikemen. The most important thing to remember is to place your archers spread out over 3 sides with them concentrated on the top right and bottom left to distract and kill the AI archers here.

pig castle layout 1 wave 2 stronghold kingdoms


As you can see I only lost 3 catapults here, although I did lose half my pikemen and about two thirds of my archers, but they are easily replaced. At nearly 150,000 honour for this wave it is a good result. At this stage I have hit this castle layout dozens of times, as it is one of the most frequent to pop up in parishes when players are ranked high, and I’m nearly sure this method is the best way to go although I am open to any suggestions of different methods.

Honour - 146,700

pig castle layout 1 wave 2 result stronghold kingdoms

Honour (2 waves) - 243,764