Wolf Lairs

wolf lairs icon stronghold kingdoms

Popularity cost for parish: -2 (for each lair, maximum of 2 lairs in one parish at any time)

To defeat a wolf lair one of your troops has to enter the wolf lair in the centre of the battlefield.

Wolf lairs will never attack your village.

Wolf lairs can range in anything in size from less than 10 wolves to over 450+ wolves.

You gain honour for attacking wolf lairs, but the amount is based on how many wolves you kill so always try to kill as many wolves as possible to gain the maximum amount of honour. When attacking wolf lairs, archers will always stop marching to attack wolves in their fire range. Pikemen however will always march straight into the lair and only stop when a wolf in directly beside them. This means that pikemen will nearly always end up much farther in front of your archers unless you place your pikemen at the back of your archers at the start of the battle. Pikemen can be used as a distraction to lure groups of wolves into your archers firing range.

A large pack of wolves rushing your troops will eat through them very quickly, especially archers, even with full hit point research. Always try to ensure you can pick off small groups at a time early on in the game, however at later stages you can confront the wolves head on.

Defeating Wolf lairs

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Small Wolf Lairs

small sized wolf lairs stronghold kingdoms

Medium Wolf Lairs

medium sized wolf lairs stronghold kingdoms

Large Wolf Lairs

large sized wolf lairs stronghold kingdoms