AI Opponents

The castles and wolf lairs that spawn in a parish are dependent on the average rank of the players in the parish. So if most of the players in a parish are high ranked then expect strong AI castles and wolf lairs. The plunder attacks that a castle sends out are also dependent on your level so when you reach a high rank expect wolf castles to send out very big waves at you. Always try to make sure you have your defences well built before an AI castle attacks you. If the troops sent by it manage to cross your white line for an extended period of time, they will take some resources from you but worse than that they can destroy some of your buildings in your village which can be a real pain. Taking out any of these AI opponents (apart from the siege camp which cannot be attacked) using the army in the parish capital results in the honour being split between all the villages in the parish the attack is launched from, provided the opponent is within the parish capitals honour range. You will sometimes lose some of your scouts when scouting AI enemies. There are a few different variations in each type of castle. For instance a fairly weak wolf castle may spawn one day then a very strong one the next time; each castle requires a different approach. Some can be wiped in one wave while some may take multiple waves. If you don’t kill enough troops, sometimes you will not get a report from attacking a castle.