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Stronghold Kingdoms Guides

Stronghold Kingdoms Advanced guide is the ultimate comprehensive guide to the massive multi-player online real time strategy game Stronghold Kingdoms. It features guides, hints, tips and information on every aspect of the game to help you dominate both the AI and the human players in your world.

Beginners Guide

Complete guide to gaining honour fast, ranking up quickly, and building parishes.

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Quest List

Information on all 174 quests in Stronghold Kingdoms and how to complete them.

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Wolf Castles

Guide to the best way of defeating the different Wolf Castle Layouts.

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Guide to all aspects of attacking both AI and human players.

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Guide to the best honour building layout, foraging, rations and the weather.

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Castle Layouts

The best castle layout to build your castle strong and effectively.

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Guide to the best village layouts, village types, food and gold production.

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Complete guide to the keep, the white line and all castle buildings.

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